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Correct spelling of numnut. Normally used as an insult meaning idiot. However, also implies that the recipient is a coward, sterile or impotent. A combination of numb and nut, where nut is a slang for testicle. In other words, a man who cannot feel his testicles and acts accordingly.
"Are you lookin at me, numbnut? Cause if you are, I'm going to damage what's left of your courage."
by wkc December 01, 2006
To make a series of mistakes, so heinously incorrect and far reaching in effect such that the result defies description. The phrase is a combination of other phrases meaning mistake, 'screw the pooch', 'royal fuckup' as well as a group sex form of fuck, 'clusterfuck'. The phase can also be used as a verb, 'clusterfucking the royal pooch.'
Not supporting the public transportation vehicle information system standard on busses was a royal pooch clusterfuck for the public transportation authority.
by wkc December 01, 2006
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