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the gayest mother fukin rapper ever, if g-unit or g unit didnt get rid of the game i would have never liked g-unit
the game- hey fifty, i wanna suck your dick
50 cent- hell no you lame ass nigga
the game- ah come on
50 cent-fuck you bitch, you outta the fuckin group
the game- well fuck you ill go suck young bucks dick
young buck- my ass you will you a gay ass nigga, game y dont you go suck your own dick, oh yeah dats right you aint got one you fuckin pussy
the game- fine ill go home and cry to my pussy ass mom and go suck her titties and then im gonna tell on you my nizzle
50 cent- first of all only fake niggaz and snoop dogg say nizzle and second of all i dont give a fuck wut you gonna do just get da fuck outta here
lloyd banks- yeah and take your blow up doll and x-small condoms wit you bitch
the game- fine i will... ... ...
tony yayo-... well? GET DA FUCK OUTTA HERE
olivia- you ugly ass nigga
young buck-... god wut a pussy
by wjw6j August 18, 2006

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