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A fictional new day supposedly invented by NBC to accommodate another night of the televised news magazine "Dateline", as claimed by the comedy show Family Guy.
Lois: I saw it on "Dateline Katilsday".
Peter: What the hell is Katilsday?
Lois: It's a new day NBC invented so they could have another "Dateline".
by wizzy0807 January 31, 2011
Suffix attached to any word to create a spooftacular, overwrought, and often horror-based, movie-esque title. May be reduced to "-ning" to accommodate words ending in vowels. Not to be confused with the gerund creating suffix "-ing".
Prominent examples of usage include parody horror movie "The Bloodening" (from "The Simpsons" episode "Wild Barts Can't Be Broken") and 2010 Indie Games award-winning game "The Revengening".
by wizzy0807 January 19, 2011
adverb. Full of a lack of regard. A more intense version of regardless. The truest antonym of the nonstandard word irregardless.
"Irregardful of common practice, 'irregardful' is just as useful a word as 'irregardless'."
by wizzy0807 May 15, 2013
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