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pebis is a small penis, so small it is the size of a pubic hair.
pebis is derived from the 2 words penis and pubic(pubic hair) and when put together to define a extremely small penis it becomes Pebis
who ever posted that "pebis is the internet way of typing penis...." has a pebis.
by wizdumb_kid December 25, 2003
the only thing that is good that came out of alaska, well salmons too

a good metalcore band from roadrunner records who got thier name from an old jackie chan kung fu movie
nothing sounds like 36 crazy fists
by wizdumb_kid December 25, 2003
anal sex then oral sex, you don't wanna touch that shit on your dick let her lick it clean!
yo gots some nice pink taco but gimme anral biotch!
by wizdumb_kid December 25, 2003
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