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4 definitions by wizard sleevens

a midget who allows themselves to be used as a human bidet. Typically they stand and tilt their head back while someone straddles them. Champagne is the cleanser of choice.
That bowskittle did an excellent job of cleaning me up before my proctologist appointment
by wizard sleevens February 03, 2008
7 2
2. is an adult directory

you can save your favorite links of free streamed porn on video sharing sites to your devil's drug profile and come back to them later.
Devil's drug is now and a great site to find free porn videos
by wizard sleevens February 03, 2008
9 5
a group of people shit in a bath tub and then force someone else's face in it
Gavin was bragging about the roofies he bought so us real men gave him a turkish bath, forced him to eat all the roofies. Definitely brought a whole new meaning to dirt nap when that fukker woke up
by wizard sleevens February 03, 2008
25 32
when a BWB woman...or fat body fists themselves, they are said to be tickled pink
yo mama is so fat n' nasty when she says she's tickled pink, that means she just fisted herself.
by wizard sleevens February 03, 2008
25 56