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3 definitions by withappens

The finest rolling tobacco known to man. Comes with 40 papers that are perfect for spliffs.

Often seen around college campuses due to it's extreme inexpensiveness (About 4.59 for .65 oz).
You got any bugler, man? I need my daily spliff.
by withappens November 25, 2009
a doobie or joint with exaggerated "doobie" features: fat in the middle and twisted at one end.
I tried to roll a cone spliff, but fucked it up and now I got a doobster.
by withappens December 20, 2009
One who enjoys consuming cannabis either by most often smoking, ingestion, or vaporization.

A stoner can be male or female and any age, and any occupation. Everyone has a right to enjoy marijuana equally, which is why it grows freely.
I know plenty of good people who happen to be stoners. Many famous philosophers, scientists, and other great minds have smoked pot.
by withappens December 12, 2009