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A politician who is corrupted by the nuclear industry and who is running on the idea that he is black even though he is in fact only half black, and not a descendant of any american slaves. It is a fact that Obama has accepted large contributions from the nuclear energy producer Exelon and has voted to give huge subsidies to give to the nuclear industry. Bill Clinton is darker than this fake in late August!!!
Damn, what the hell is Oprah doing in the Quad cities?

Well she might not be drinking the tap water that exelon contaminated around here, but she's sure as hell gunna lure a bunch of hippies into her campaign bus and give em handjobs if they caucus for Obama!!!
by wisconsinite February 12, 2008
1. Someone who can pass for a black person, but in fact is only a small part black and not even a descendant of african american slaves. These fakes are usually the ones who expect and even seek out special treatment because of their self declared "race".

2. Someone who white people befriend or vote for to seem less racist, only to prove it instead.
1. "Damn, Cletus, what the fuck is powder doing here? I thought this was a black only church!"

"Nope, thats not powder, its Senator Barrack Obama", said Cletus

2. "Yeah she invited me to her work party to make it look like she is not racist, I feel like a fuckin Obama!"
by wisconsinite February 12, 2008

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