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London ghetto music, the british equivalent of ragga and hip-hop. created for the youth by the youth. raw beats, raw rhymes, not polished or commerciallised still Grimey!!
1.manz wanna hear some Grime blud!
2.Dat tune is Grimey
Grimelords - Wiley, Kano, Dizee Rascal, SLK-north weezay!
#eski beat #garage #urban #8bar #ghetto music
by winston hall May 06, 2006
Barbadian slang, another work for gay or homosexual. Also used to describe a straight man looking unsually sharp or debonair.
1.That guys looks taperd.
2.I'll be looking fully taperd tonight
3.You f***ing taperd.
#gay #homo #fairy #fudgepacker #buller #sodomite #batty bwoi #faggot
by winston hall May 06, 2006
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