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the answer to the question "hows that taste", when the tasting is not yet over.......particularly post coitus in a blowjob.
how's that taste?

by wingman May 20, 2004
The term two males use for each other, not in a homosexual way but rather a way which suggests a bond closer than brothers, when one cannot, and will not, share the same party experience unless the other is present. Once one finds his "wingman" no party will ever be the same thereafter without him. This person is hand picked and must truely earn the right to be called another friend's WINGMAN!
Yo' man. I just can't party without my wingman. I got his back and he's got mine. Alright, let's go get f*cked up now!
by Wingman November 22, 2004
The setting of Grand Theft Auto III (PS2). A city full of glamour and corruption, as well as Yakuzamen, Triasd, Lobos, the Mafia, and other gangs. Consists of three sectors (Portland, Staunton Island, and Shoresdale Vale). Themed as a blend between New York City and Chicago.
Man, did you hear about that murder in Liberty City?
by Wingman February 15, 2005
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