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One of the most famous directors out there. Known for movies such as Metropolis and M
Fritz Lang is an amazing director.
#fritz #lang #m #metropolis #film #director #movie
by wingkon December 06, 2009
An amazing country singer with a beautiful voice. She is widely known for her singles such as Breathe and This Kiss.
Tim McGraw is so lucky for marrying Faith Hill.
#country #singer #tim mcgraw #pop #faith
by wingkon December 06, 2009
A country singer who is well known for being a Nashville Star Finalist. She is one of the best country acts today. Miranda Lambert became well-known through her single "Kerosene," which is much better than all that generic pop-country that has been invading the radio nowadays.
Person 1: I hate country! How can you listen to that?
Person 2: *Plays Miranda Lambert*
Person 1: Wow, this is amazing!
#kerosene #nashville #country #miranda lambert #amazing #talented
by wingkon December 06, 2009
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