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The moaning/growling sound made by a friendly canine (such as a dog). Often heard emitted as a reply when the animal has been spoken to.
"Who's a good boy?" the man asked his dog, scratching it behind the ears. The dog murred happily.
#groan #moan #growl #murrr #mur #purr
by Winged Wolf January 11, 2013
Girls who are seemingly attractive until they turn around and you can see their gnarly "truman face."
Guy 1: "Dude, check out that hot ass girl!"
Guy 2: "Whoa, where ?!"
Guy 1: "Fuck , never mind. Truman face bro."
Guy 2: "Fucking always..."
#brown bag special #butter face #t.t.s. #fugly #ugly
by winged wolf February 14, 2010
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