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Someone who acts like they got baby balls or is scared to do something
Dude stop being a baby ball's nigga and just do it
by willyblunt June 07, 2009
its when a prostitute or promiscuous female perform oral sex to a gentleman in the motion of brushing her teeth useing his sperm as toothpaste flossing with pubic hair is (optional)

Its when a slut sucks your cock like she was brushing her teeth using ones cum as tooth paste
FUCK Dude ! My girlfriend gave me one hell of a slut brush last night !

She gives one hell of a slut brush
by willyblunt February 02, 2012
Its when a females vagina smells as refreshing as a glade plug in
Damm Son that hoe had a glamorous glade pussy yo
by willyblunt February 02, 2012
its when a person sits on anther persons face like if it were a toilet. (Plunger and toilet paper) is preferred but not required
My nigga named Tyrone told me he pottymouth'd that bitch like she was a public bathroom .
by Willyblunt February 02, 2012

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