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73 definitions by william

The Famous school of cockly assholes, who like to pleasure each other in the woods of Orange, VA. They get ugly girls because who wants to date a homo guy who you never see? Seriously the bonfire...theyre definitely making up for something a little smaller in their pants. They are the horniest bunch of boys alive and they just screw each other for fun, oh and dont forget they also fuck sheep
WFS guy 1: Man that was amazing, don't tell that girl, I might get dumped AGAIN!
WFS guy 2: (out of breath) We've gota do that more often man, I wish the St. Catherine's Girls would pay attention to me.
by William January 12, 2005
To get beat down, or to beat someone or something down. Humiliation or Complete domination. See also Owned or Beasted.
He just got royally beasted... looks like it had to hurt.
by William March 24, 2005
An irish teacher who lies and likes to fuck over his students
Mr. Cole is a fuckin leperchaun
by William February 03, 2005
1.A dueche bag specially designed for dads.
2.The talking, fucking machine that cleans your genetals for you.
3.A dad that uses a dueche bag.
1.I use my dueche daddy to clean my fucked up penis.
2.I have a dueche daddy and I let him wipe my genetal.
3.I'm sure glad my daddy iznt a dueche daddy.
by William June 01, 2004
A word robbie uses to get pigmys off his top hat. He runs wild in africa.
"Get those pigmys of my tophat"
by William March 31, 2004
a male child thats has no fucking idea of who ther fater is
my cuzian pattrick is a bastard be cuz he dont kno who his daddy is.
by william January 13, 2005
A gank, or the act of ganking, occurs when a woman's buttcrack or breast cleavage is exposed, and you insert an object, a pencil, finger, pen, coin, whatever, into said cleavage. The acting party must then proceed to say "GANK" in a loud, matter-of-fact manner.
"I totally ganked Maureen the other day when she was crouching down, picking up something."

"I'm going to gank her."
by William October 25, 2004