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A man who has to carry his big balls of steel with a wheel barrow due to the fact that if his engine fails in flight he has one second to react correctly or his aircraft will suddenly fly with the aerodynamic capabilities of a soda machine.
I saw a Helicopter Pilot yesterday at the hardware store getting a larger wheel barrow for his balls because he had to start training students in R22s.
by willabeast7 June 24, 2010
A brave and astute individual, most likely also an alcoholic, that tries to be killed many times on a daily basis only to be paid minimum wage if they are lucky training cocky big headed students that one day will have hundreds of lives in their hands.
I saw a flight instructor take a swig from his flask of whiskey and kiss the ground right after his student tried to land the aircraft upside down.
by willabeast7 June 24, 2010
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