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a method of taiwanese torture where one is given a bad paper cut on their jugular vein on their neck and then left to bleed out until the information is given
Did you hear Mark was given the Paper Cut of Death in Taiwan
by will.i.am96 November 29, 2010
the act of a person putting up peace sign hand gestures in pictures taken in unnecessary situations around the globe; especially Asians
why did that Japanese girl pictopeace in front of the WW2 monument
by will.i.am96 November 29, 2010
the secret fourth curse in harry potter that when used rips off the penis of the victim and begins to insert itself in said persons asshole until said person dies, but if it is used on a girl the spell will back fire and do that to yourself
harry used corpus cavernosum on ron
by will.i.am96 November 29, 2010
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