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Pronounced "lee-pole-tz." This occurs when, after staying up all night performing important tasks, a man, due to fatigued judgment, decides it's in his best interests to masturbate in order to stay awake, but gets caught because he forgot to take necessary privacy safeguards.
"Dude, I totally pulled a leepoletz last night in a park and a cop found me," or "I knew I was gonna get leepoletzed because my mom was sitting next to me."
by wilk_killah November 13, 2008
This is when a close friend ends up dating a girl that is known to be both scandalous and dirty.
"Are you calling your Shmoopty?" or "I heard Kevin got himself a Shmoopty"
by wilk_killah November 13, 2008
When a person becomes champion of the world and doesn't have to tell anyone because they already know.
"Wow, he's kiggs, man. kiggs."
by wilk_killah November 13, 2008
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