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3 definitions by wilbur smith

1. Term given for a phantom menstruation derived from the male gender in support of female menstruation, considered as a leap forward in gender parity in the workplace
1. Example: There is to be statutory DNA testing in the office due to traces of menstruation in the ladies lavatories. To conform with new workplace regulations men will also be required to provide their own "manstruation" samples
by wilbur smith February 14, 2013
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a. To Slunk. Original incarnation of punk dancing incited in the early 70's through Garage Rock veterans the Pussy Throat Ghosts, the Garage Rock genre later became what is now known as Punk in the mid 70's. The dance style mainly featured shoulder barging and later metamorphosed into what is now known as Moshing
When the Stooges asked the crowd to slunk all hell broke loose when the slunking got out of hand
by wilbur smith February 19, 2013
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When the marketing department of a company decides to surreptitiously post a glowing review on a review section online to increase the star rating of their business. The term is only applicable when key phrases and management speak are used in the prose to highlight it wasn't written by a person in the real world and makes it glaringly obvious it is a desperate attempt to curry favour. More often than not this will be diametrically opposed to all the other reviews which have been ultra critical
Have you seen that one positive review of Love Actually
Yes it is the only one on there. This is blatantly written by Richard Curtis for the decade anniversary. No one will see through that
Yes what a review to a kill
by wilbur smith February 16, 2013
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