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A wigga is a white boy that nobody likes because he grew up just like any other kid in the hood, unless hes totally fake. "You aint a nigga because you black, you a nigga cause of how you act." Cee-Lo - Goodie Mob.
It aint about what color your skin is, its where you from, theres alot more than just dark skinned dudes in the hood. You cant for real try and say only black people live in the/are ghetto, cause that shit just aint true. Livin in a hard community, people are all brought up differently but still a certain way, depending on what their situation is growing up they may or may not have a mindset of "fuck everything" and such and such. You're a stereotypical bitch if you try and make a generalization about the hood. And you a stereo typical ass bitch if you try and say all wiggers are fake cause i know dudes, and you a bitch if you try and say wiggers will never be accepted by either sides, why? CAUSE THATS ME. I put mine down for who really know what its like to struggle, half yall lames on here aint never seen any parts of that cause you some suburbans that dont know what people from the city are sayin to you, or you make definitions cause you think you so smart and know everything, us white folks are geniuses huh?
Yall need to start realizin somethin, the more all of you act like youre superior and lookin down on everyone the more people are gonna hate you. See you think you smart, but all you know is the books. You dont know anything bout real life, reality, thats what you think about when you walkin and ridin the bus everywhere, that and girls and money and trees, that bein honest too.
C: Ay man, kid just called you a wigger.

D: That dumb ass ma fucka dont know wassup, ima straight his ass out.

You will get your ass beat for being a hoe and actin like you know what the deal is when you obviously dont.
by wiggaaaaaaz July 06, 2005

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