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1 definition by wigga (guess where not that stupid after all)

a word programed into the punk society mainframe. used to describe any band or skater or sumthing of that nature that got sucessfull. mainly surfaced because punks are a bunch of lazy ass holes and want them, and every one around then to stay punk and be a loser and unucessfull all their lifes. but then one day they will wake up and realizes that liking life and wanting to be a contibuting member of society is better than hanging out in their little clique and moking everyone who wants to better themselves.
punk1: dude look at that stupid conformast and his high paying job.
punk2: wat a fag!
(buisness man slaps them with a roll of cash)
punk2: skrew u guys, im gonna go get a job from that guy and have a life and im gonna finally get some friends!