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(adjective) High strung, eccentric, prone to erratic, crazy or often senile behavior.
"You know old Mrs. Johnson that lives around the corner by herself and has like a million cats?"
"Yeah, she's a bit......Flocken"
by Who do you think? February 02, 2004
A person lacking in charm, tact, wit, wisdom, intelegence, and any other qualites that are generally regarded as positive in a character.
Del Boy: "Rodney you Primavesi!!!!!"
BA Baracus:"I pitty the Primavesi"
by who do you think? March 06, 2003
cool guy, someone who really knows his stuff. Likes to own people.
Someone just got owned by elidib.
by who do you think? August 12, 2004
this is a modern term for a dislikable girl. It can often be given to a woman who is very bitchy or is a bitch. some say that it derives from the negative term "patsy" (ex: that spic is such a patsy)
"You is a patri, ho"
by Who do you think? January 19, 2005
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