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A white guy (it also could be a chink, gook, spic, kike, dago etc) who chases after coon poon. The female version is a coon houndess.
That guy is a real coon hound, he goes up to Harlem at 135th and Lexington every weekend looking for black skanks. He should just stand ouside the Apolo Theater on a Saturday night.
#coons #spooks #burr heads #darkies #spades
by whitey from cuyahoga hts November 24, 2010
When you are fortunate enough to have that slant eye verticle slit sitting on your face or really fortunate when you are sticking it to the slant eye slit.
Last night I took out this hot chink chick for dinner and afterwards she brought me back to her place and gave me her fortune nookie for desert :)
#chink #gook #slope head #oriental nookie #slant eye
by whitey from cuyahoga hts December 06, 2010
Chink or gook pussy. Usually very tight and trim. Tasty as well!
Woody Allen sure likes young oriental nookie.
#poontang #bearded clam #snatch #love hole #fur burger
by whitey from cuyahoga hts December 05, 2010
Person who is half black and half Puerto Rican
Q- what do you get when you cross a spade with a spic?


Did you see that purple Cadillac with the cha-cha balls jumping down the street? Must be drivin be a coonarican!
#coon a rician #half breed #npr #spic/spade #lowest of low
by whitey from cuyahoga hts November 19, 2010
When you are putting your tongue to chick's twat while she sitting on your face.

P.S. When she gets off..... and gets off of you and lays down, then it becomes horizontal slit.
Last night I got some vertical slit, it was quite tasty!
#poontang #pussy #camel toe #furburger #vag.
by whitey from cuyahoga hts December 06, 2010
The "diff" is a new stat that has been added to every NBA scoreboard. Because there too many stupid black fans ( a few white ones too) who can not add or subtract quickly in their heads.
Stupid black fan: 'cuse me, let me ax you dis, how much is we winning by?

Smart white fan: look at the "diff" on the scoreboard, the "diff" was added for stupid fans like you!

Stupid black fan: otay
#coon #spade #spook #darkie #spearchucker
by whitey from cuyahoga hts November 28, 2010
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