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A very skinny girl with big ass titaes.
A rare kind of girl who usually uses her monster boobs and lean body to whore massive multitudes of guys.
by white foolio November 03, 2004
a type of shaolin kung fu that is totally bad ass. It is based on the tiger in that it involves extremely powerful, explosive punches and kicks to totally tron the enemy. In tiger style kung fu there are no evasion or blocking techiniques, because those would make the fighting tedious. There are only explosive moves which will end the fight in the quickest easiest way.
In other words if you role tiger stlye than you have enought dominating tronning power to own everyone. Even if you are less of a fighter than your enemy, Tiger style is so badass that you will certainly make him your bitch.
by white foolio November 03, 2004
an act which requires four participants in which three participants jack each other off and the fourth makes cookies for the three tired jackers to eat afterwords
You know who does it
by white foolio May 06, 2004
This may possibly be the lowest form of tronity and a bitch ass tron is also the hardest kind of tron to shut down. A bitch ass tron is usually such a dumb shit that he/she doesn't know what you are talking about when you try to shut their annoying ass up or tron them. They will keep on tronin forever unless you, A. say something totally over the top that has maximum offensiveness, B. Scream "Fuck You" or "Shut the fuck up you dumb ass fuck shit," or C. Give them a tronin tiger style. Once you apply one of these three methods you will most likely relinquish the bitch ass tron but such extreme measures might lead to severe backlash so watch out.
"Gaahhhhh that motherfucker is such a bitch ass tron"
"He doesn't know what red version is, what a bitch ass tron"
"Uhh he kept on showin disree, what a bitch ass tron"
by white foolio November 04, 2004
An acronym of sorts that stands for Straight Out Of Compton Ass Timmy. This word is a nickname for timmy and shows what a real life G he really is. Unknown to most, Timmy is a straight G fresh outa compton who has come to Westhester to show us crackas how to steeze it up. SOCAT, like a true G, also smokes so much weed that he has been known to forget where he lives and just show up at your house all fucked up looking for a ham sandwich. He has also been known to say, "I'm straight out the fuckin streets of CPT bitch!"
Some tron says,"Yo Westchester needs a big baller who's straight out the fuckin streets of CPT but where can we find one?" SOCATS' ghetto ass caddy pulls up in a cloud of pink smoke and he says, "I have come to enlighten all of you rich ass crackas in the ways of gangstatude so follow me my pupiles and lets turn this joint into a straight hood."
by white foolio November 10, 2004
A really bad crackwhore!
"yo son i gave a rock to that rockmonster down the street and she sucked my dick for it but it wasn't as good as a normal crackwhore because she is a rockmonster."
by White foolio March 29, 2004
a crew that is beyond ghetto and has breached the status of ghettoass. In order to qualify as a ghettoass crew each person in it must have the ability to pimp, tron, mack, smack, ball,and tear up.
Baller Crew is a ghettoass crew
by white foolio October 27, 2004
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