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2 definitions by wheelmanLS2

Acting as a wingman. The phrase comes from the military; jumping on top of an active grenade will kill you but save your comrades around you as a result of it. It's a selfless act for your buddy.
Hey check out those two chicks sitting at the bar. It's a shame only one of them looks decent. Man, will you please jump grenade for me? I did it for you last time.
by wheelmanLS2 August 31, 2006
A great way to describe a sport wagon with large wheels. Sport wagons, unlike their station wagon predecessors, are designed with stiffer and sportier suspensions meant to handle the extra weight in the back and are also quickly growing in popularity.

Can also be used to jokingly refer to a hooptie station wagon.
Tom: Dude look at that Dodge Magnum SRT-8!
Joe: Damn, that's a braggin wagon.
by wheelmanLS2 August 29, 2006