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A (only slightly less homophobic) derogatory word for someone who is stupid, to replace today's youth's habit of calling things that are stupid gay, which passive-aggressively implies that homosexuals are stupid.

Symbolic of how buttheads & ass hats have their heads up either their own asses or others', and they talk shit so their spit clenses the butt.
That dude at my school, he is all quietly passive-aggressive and hyper-sensitive like an old woman only without the smiling, and he spends too much time on his long hair that's always covering one eye. I tried asking him about what he was doing for our class assignment and he just swept his hair to the side and walked away. I've overheard the BS music he listens to on his iPod while the teacher's talking. He calls himself Scene, others call him Emo, but I just call him a butt douche.
Yeah, what a butt douche.

Bob, you're such a butt douche.
by whatwouldspockdo September 22, 2011

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