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Wanganui is a small high crime town on the west coast of the north island of new zealand.
Wanganui has a high rate of crime due to lack of employment and a (high maori population).
Wanganui has over the years has become a centre for maori activism with (motua gardens) in the mid 90s and the home to wankers such as ken meare.
The (local maori) have also tried to change the name of wanganui to whanganui as these unemployed maori have nothing better to do with there time but sit in parks and try to come up with more crap.
Wanganui is (home to all of new zealands gangs) this has lead to wanganui being one of the few places to lose population over the years

Wanganui in a word is a shithole
"Went to gonville last nite and got jumped by maoris"
"wanganui, wanganui come take a look at us now"
by whatsmyname123 December 10, 2011
People from east africa claim asylium in other countrys and form gangs and turn any area they live in a shithole like were they come from
"off to aussie to become a taxi driver not going to atempt to learn the local lanuage" 'somalians'
by whatsmyname123 November 28, 2011
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