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3 definitions by whatsittoya

An anime that tells the tale of a half-emo, half-demon ninja teen struggling to be accepted into society. With a concept that lame, Experts agree that it will never be welcomed by most level-headed North Americans (please note that fangirls do not fall into this category). Implied gayness and the love of slash writers was assured in the first chapter when Naruto makes out with Sasuke (who, astonishingly, is even more emo than the main character)

Legend has it that there may actually be female characters in this series. However, closer investigation has proven this to be a lie, they are actually all shemales who dressed up like girls to fuck Naruto in the ass, wich fails because he only loves boys. Any further attempts to insinuate the existence of girls in this series will be met with swift and immediate reprisal. It should also be noted that this anime has no actual Japanese martial arts, but is entirely composed of pathetic Jackie Chan imitations and poorly re-created Chinese Martial Arts.

Naruto is full of lame-ass flashbacks and retarded dialogue only to draw out the series more, and more, and more. There is the occasional fight, but in most cases they are incredibly full of shit that you might as well not even bother for watching for a decent fight. If you like whiney, emo, slow as fuck and boring shows with piss-poor dialogue and appealing to an audience of 8 year olds who have been in the womb of a drug addict, then Naruto is for you. And if it happens to be for you, please get cancer.

Oh, and Naruto is slightly less gay than Bleach
Narutard: "hey guise, check my cool leaf tribe headband!"

Normal Person1: "agh! I am blinded by its idiocy, and also cause its made of stupid shiny metal!"

Normal Person2: "goddamn Naruto fags."
by whatsittoya August 01, 2007
A silly word meant to describe something that is unsatisfactory or ridiculously frustrating. Generally used wtihin the phrase of "This is a bunch of hablash".
This free pizza that I got for lunch was disgusting. This is a bunch of hablash.

Professor says we have to do a crossword puzzle in Spanish. I said, "This is a bunch of hablash".

I dropped my iphone and cracked the screen. My iphone is now a bunch of hablash.
by WhatsItToYa October 23, 2012
a person i met in nyc...who is AMAZINGLY nice and needs to be treated with a little empathy, because what she's going through - while her fault - would be terrifying and career-destroying.
I met Lindsay Lohan in NYC!
by Whatsittoya August 12, 2007