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What people call "Asians who are influenced by urban hip-hop culture" when it means "Asians who want to be black." They say chigga because of the -Ch in Chinese and the -Igga from Nigga. They think that any asian who likes hip-hop is dying to be black.
Guy 1: look at that chinese guy rockin' phat farms....what a chigga
Guy 2: no, he just likes hiphop...that chinese guy yelling "black pride"...THAT is a chigga....
by whats_a_pseudonym February 13, 2005
when describing an Asian person, its tha same as a Twinkie, yellow on the outside, white on the inside. Banana's are Asians who act like the stereotpyical white boy/girl. Probably teased for asian stereotypes as teenagers, dey become ashamed ov their race, but wont admit it and accuse AZN's ov not knowing about their culture. Usually duznt want to hang out with other asians, for fear ov looking like a fob.
AZN: what up mah asian brotha?
Banana: I was born in America, so i shud be referred to as an American, not an Asian.
AZN: pssh...banana...
by whats_a_pseudonym March 26, 2005
The slogans for azn's to make banana's and fobs join them. The asians who have "asian pride" are usually raised in North America, have spiked or bleached hair, listen to rap/hiphop/techno and love japanese-brand cars. They try to eliminate the bad asian stereotypes and that is the main reason why non-asians hate them. Non-asians love to pick on the nerdy fob's who can't defend themselves, but now have to deal with with the unscared, numerous amount of azn's.
if this definition gets a low rating, it's because the haters want to put us down, so that only the bucktoothed asian stereotypes exist...
by whats_a_pseudonym February 14, 2005

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