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ok this is shit... first of all, all the notre dame girls i know are complete whores. Get over yourselves because the guys sure have. I think I've heard of about 2 ND girls who are going to Malvern's prom with guys that are even semi-decent looking. The hot guys are taking villa girls - what now? So yeah maybe you're bitter and you decide to call our seniors sluts... let me just remind you little girls that your asses were already used. Basically now, on the night of Malvern's prom when your sitting on your fat asses getting wasted with each other, just remember this: we're dancing the night away with the guys you thought would ask you. So yeah, we'll gladly shake our asses in your faces. If you think your hotter oh hunnies look again
We think we're hot... basically tho we're just fugly... aka we're NDA
by whatnow April 04, 2005

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