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1 definition by whatamidoing

The period in your life occuring between 20 and 30 years of age, when you realize that a quarter of your life is over and :

a) You've done nothing constructive with it

- AND -

b) You've set yourself up for another quarter just like it.

You may be experiencing a quarter life crisis if :

a) You ever ask yourself what the h*** you are doing with your life

b) You regret half of the last 10 years

c) You consider changing jobs/homes/partners/all of the above to somehow improve your life

d) You feel lost and confused 23.5 hours out of a 24 hour day

e) You wonder how you will ever find job security/afford a house at today's prices/find a partner if you're working all the time/get out of your parents' house if your debt is costing you every dime you make/afford rent while it keeps going up/find a job that pays the bills/pay off your debt/all of the above. Usually all of the above.

Often confused by kids with adolesence, puberty, or hormonal problems. Feeling "misunderstood" and dressing all in black is not a quarter life crisis - it is being a teenager.

Basically, you wake up one morning and think to yourself, "Man - I'm totally screwed." You then proceed to consolidate your debt, look for a better job, and spend more time sleeping - because when you're asleep, you don't have to worry about how screwed you are.
"Man, I've wasted the last 20 years. At least I'm not alone - everyone has a quarter life crisis."
by whatamidoing January 15, 2007