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Pronounced "Ar-KAN-sas" and commonly known as Ark City. A small town in southeastern Kansas. Home to Cowley County Community College and Arkalalah celebrations.
"If you want 'ar-kan-SAW', go to the state....this is Ar-kan-sas City!"

"We're ARK City -- not Park City!"

"We're Arkansas City -- not Kansas City!"
by what_ever2007 September 26, 2012
A celebration and parade that takes place in Arkansas City, Kansas. Popular for its awesome food vendors and a carnival every October! Also the time when Queen Alalah, chosen from 5 young ladies attending Cowley College, is crowned.

"Arkalalah" comes from "Ark" in the town's name, and "alalah", a Native American word for a "good time".
"I can't wait for Arkalalah so I can have the chocolate-covered cheesecake on a stick again!"
by what_ever2007 September 26, 2012

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