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not so slang term meaning you will be spending time with your significant female other, includes all definitions of other (girlfriend, wife, fuck buddy). Also can mean a terrible night spent out with a horrid bitch of cunt that you at one time had an interest but has since severely waned because of said females ridiculous cuntness.

Can also mean an extremely boring event spent with your significant female's friends, talking about stupid topics like "What not to Wear", why dont men listen enough?, or why did you spend more time with your friends tonight then with me?
(2 guys at a bar, watching a friend at same bar)
Jim: Wow take a look at the look on Joe's face.
John: Haha, man that sucks, he was so amped about meeting that girl.
Jim: Yeh looks like he's taking a drive in cuntville tonight.

Mike: So didnt see you out last night, what happened?
Bill: Oh it was a nice night, watched some reruns of "Sex and the City", then Megans friend came over and we all talked about why men cant be more sensitive to women needs.
Mike: Yeh,....
Bill: Oh great my change of address form finally came through.
Mike: What did you put for your new address,...123 Pussywhipped Lane, Cuntsville, USA?
Bill: Fuck you man
Mike: Yeh bet you would like that. Sure you dont wana snuggle first?
by what the fuck man January 30, 2009

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