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Excision is one of the sickest dubstep DJ's ever to walk the planet. His best mixes are his Shambhala mixes. Go to Google and look up "Excision Shambhala Soundcloud" and that'll take you to some sick-ass shit.
Excision is one of the sickest DJ's I've ever heard.
by wharblegurbleh December 13, 2010
When you take a mason jar, put it in the freezer, smoke a joint, then when the joint gets low, you turn the joint around in your mouth (don't get burnt, dumbass) and shotgun the smoke into the cold mason jar. The jar can then be passed around to any of your friends to enjoy.
Travis: Terry, hand Dillon the mason jar.
*Terry hands Dillon the jar*
*Dillon shotguns the J smoke into the jar*
*Dillon then "drinks" some smoke, then passes it to Travis and Terry*
Dillon: That was a damn good herbal shake, wasn't it, Terry?
Terry: Hell yeah, it was!
by wharblegurbleh February 14, 2011

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