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The richest county in Ny State, that directly borders NYC to the north, and borders CT as well. Counties north from Westchester like Putnam, Dutchess and Ulster are EXTREMELY different from Westchester. Westchester pretty much owns LI.

The Breakdown.

Westchester is actually not a completely rich county. It has more racially diverse areas like Mt. Vernon, New Rochelle and Ossining and Yonkers. Yet there are extremely rich towns like Scarsdale, Armonk, Rye, Bronxville, Larchmont and Bedford which give Westchester its rich reputation.

Rich and Preppy
Scarsdale - quite possibly the most annoying town in Westchester as everyone there works in NYC and sends there kids to Scarsdale HS, which happens to have a great education. The old country-club town. Like a Greenwich of Westchester.
Larchmont - same as above as it borders scarsdale
Rye and Bronxville - Full of annoying stuck up rich kids who think they are ghetto.

Rich Towns in Southern Westchester
Pelham - a town w/ kids who think they are ghetto cause they live near Mt. Vernon and NYC.
Harrison - everyone there is rich although there are some actual middle class residents.

Northern Westchester
Bedford - Very rich town with a diverse HS with kids from Mt. Kisco, Bedford Hills, Pound Ridge, and Bedford.
Pound Ridge - nothing wrong here. old country town with nothing in it.
Mt. Kisco - called a "rough" town in N. Westchester but its nothing like that. The only town in the area with an actual town.
Armonk- 86% Jewish. Great HS. Great academics. Hot moms, nice houses. nice cars. Annoying Stuck up kids who wish they were black.
North Salem - Nothing happens here
Chappaqua - Bill Clintons town. Good HS. no crime.

Called "Ghetto"
White Plains - has a few gangs, nice small city with 2 malls and a growing city center.
New Rochelle

Actually "Ghetto"
Mt. Vernon - Many murders and robberies. Amazing Basketball with most of the community being African-American.
Yonkers - closest town to NYC, has some crime and violence. Also the most highly populated town in Westchester.

Westchester is a highly populated county of suburbs from NYC. Much nicer than LI. Alot better than LI. Not a snobby as Fairfield. best county in the Metropolitan Area.
Annoying towns like Scarsdale, Armonk, Larchmont, and Pelham make up Westchesters reputation of being rich preppy wasps.
by wetchester boss123 February 18, 2009

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