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The tone a poor girl gets when she thinks she has something important to say. Usually found in lower middle class, or just lower class women during conversation. It often sounds nasally or stuck up sounding.
girl 1: "Hey I just got my first child support check , dinners on me"

girl 2: "Check your Gucci voice, its not that special."
by westsydepemp October 22, 2010
It means a sluts assumed sexual partner. It's an acronym for a (brother u musta been on) Originated in Yonkers new york.
"I can't seem to find a man that wasn't your bumbo"

"If she is so pissed at me. Have her bring one of her Bumbo's and we can fight"

"If he's from her town, I'd assume the worst of that bumbo"
by westsydepemp July 22, 2014
Something, crazy, fly dope, fine, or wack. It can mean good or bad depending on how it's said. It was derived in Yonkers Newyork.
Yo, that girl ass be YONKERS, if ya know what I mean.

My date was date was going good till she told me about her family life and it was straight up YONKERS.
by westsydepemp July 22, 2014

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