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30 sq. miles of land located around 30 miles Northwest of Boston. The population numbers close to 21,000 people. The high school, Westford Academy, is too strict and divided into cliques. Mainly the preppy jocks, drama kids, goths, or genious asians/indians. Westford Academy also has possibly the bets looking girls around. There isn't much to do in Westford. Mostly, high school kids spend time at the local chili's, any number of pizza joints (Presti's, WHOP, Silver Palette are the main three), or Cumby's. Fast food restaurants also serve as a subsitute. In their free time, kids usually attend sports games, shop, or get drunk or smok tree at their friend's houses. Also, people from Westford think they're better than you. And chances are, they're right.
Student #1: "Yo, football games over let's go get trashed."
Student #2: "Hold up, we gotta hit Cumby's first. I need a slush"

Student #1: "Dammm those girls are fine."
Student #2: "They must be from Westford? That means they're out of our league man."
Student #1: "Fuck, you're right."
by westfordd December 12, 2006

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