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Andy Laux

the bassist, and co-founder of Warbringer, a very popular (but not mainstream) and ridiculously talented thrash band from California.

probably modestly looking up his name with few expectations
andy laux is john laux's brother.

at the warbringer show i was entertained by john kevill's impressive antics, john lauxs awesome riffs, and carlos's cute faces and adam carrolls down to earth hair but was absolutely mesmerized by andy lauxs subtle dark sexiness

andy laux has the allure of a gypsy and the rustic charm of harrison ford
#andy laux #warbringer #thrash #bass #sexy
by westchedda October 30, 2011
popular roleplay outfit among interracial gay couples. costs about 10 bucks comes with the moustache, arm band, and swastika print g string.

neo-nazi skinheads and white power / aryan idealist groups continue to fuel the hitler roleplay industry with their racial angst and mischanneled youthful rage
dave and amir fulfilled their forbidden love fantasy with hitler and osama bin laden roleplay outfits

tyrone wanted more spontaneity in their relationship, so chris surprised him in a hitler outfit. but tyrone didnt take it well and they broke up, leaving chris hopelessly depressed

thumbs down if this happened to you
#hitler #kkk #aryan #white power #nazi #neo-nazi #gay #interracial #sodomy
by westchedda October 30, 2011
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