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when a non-sports fan tries to make a sports reference but can't quite get it right.
highsmith tried to say someone "struck out" but screwed it up and said they "swung out" instead, providing a perfect example of "swinging out".
by wesleywhatwhat June 01, 2010
equally weak.

two things that are equivalent in lack of strength.
your girlfriend's rat face and your poodle haircut are equally weak - i mean weaqual.
by wesleywhatwhat October 21, 2010
the fifteen pounds that many girls lose between their engagement and their wedding.
look at that skinny bitch! she's lost a lot of weight since she got engaged.

well, you know she can't fit in her wedding dress without losing that fiance fifteen. she bought a size 2.
by wesleywhatwhat July 06, 2010
a smug look = smook
dwight schrute gives the camera a smook at least once an episode on "the office".
by wesleywhatwhat October 01, 2010

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