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basically my idea of a rude boy from what i see in my city (bristol) is someone with black skin who thinks because of his colour can act threatening and violent. Many rude boys from my city infact all the rude boys in my city follow a certain dress code ; they wear flat caps, air force 1's (or anyother brand new pair of trainers from footlocker preferably made by nike or adidas)baggy jeans or tracksuit bottoms, so baggy that their ass is hanging out and usually hoodies. All of which keep the tags on their clothes for some reason which is unknown, it looks pathetic and is in no way a fashion trend to them maybe but then again they dress like a bunch of wankers. Rude boys also speek in a different way to you and me, they use words like razzzclot, bloodclot, bumbaclot, blood, seen, bare, u get me. They sound like fucking idiots and to hear one of them speak like that just makes me wanna break something. To be honest im not racist, but when you get a bunch of uneducated rude boys trying to mugg you for your phone and anything else which may be valuable then i think i have a right to be. Its sad how this ever increasing group of black people ruin the whole black community's image and then they wonder why people are racist. Yes many people don't like black people but do you ever stop and think maybe there's a reason behind it. I can be honest with you here and say i have never been mugged by a white person or been attempted to be mugged by a white person nor have any of my friends, but i certianly know loads and when i mean loads im talking of about atleast 20 - 30 people i know have been mugged by these "rude boys". They are the most hated group of people in my city, not hated because of the colour of their skin but because of their behaviour. Same applies to chavs i hate them as equally as rude boys and their predominantly white. As i was sayin rude boys represent the fuck up in society, the poor and uneducated but now you get rich fuckers who have in no circumstances come from the "ghetto" and act like complete and utter pricks. If i had my way i would have anyone and everyone who spoke and dressed like a rude boy locked up and all you hippies out there with your keep the peace , human rights shit fuck you. They should be locked away because they are causing serious problems and are ruining the lives and reputations of hundreds of thousands if not millions of other decent well respected black people. I show no pitty or sympathy for these rude boys, they dont deserve it. Going around selling drugs, mugging people they don't deserve anything else than a prison sentence. How could anyone say its not their fault? They didnt mean to do it? is it fuck! of course its there fault you cant blame these problems on other people but perhaps it is their parents fault because the majority of these rude boys are from broken down homes and have single parents their fathers left them before they were born, tragic i know. They had the chance to learn at school but fucked it up so whos fault is that.....well i guess it isnt theirs is it hahahaha absolutely furious. it would make my day if rude boys were sad enought to read this if they could afford the luxury of the interent because i know i can. Yes im a sad little tosser who has nothin better to do with his life then just wright a load of crap about a group of people because he doesnt like them, thats about correct . fuck u !!!!!!!
'yow blood clot, i herd ur linkin my gyal , your gonna get murked by bare manz' thts ghetto rude boy language 4 u in a nut shell my frend!!!!!!! rude boys
by wertymdox January 09, 2006

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