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3 definitions by weregopher

The main obstacle to success in every cubicle-dweller’s life.
PHB_"Well, looks like someone doesn't like having his cheese moved."
PHB_"Oh, that reminds me: you're fired."
by weregopher February 26, 2005
15 19
The Red Sox are a group of fun-loving, honest, awesome idiots who want to have fun and have incredibly devoted fans.
But they only won 6 little pieces of ring-shaped material!
Maybe they should take after NYC and use steroids, or something.
Redsox=6 :)
Yankee=26 :(
by weregopher February 26, 2005
43 49
How your boss decides important things:
As explained by Scott Adams, analysis comes from the root word ANAL and the greek word YSIS, meaning "to pull numbers from."
"I'll do an ANALYSIS and determine your next raise."
by weregopher February 24, 2005
30 46