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2 definitions by well read

Female cradle-robbing. The much youger male partner to an older or middle-aged woman (the cradle robber).
Have you seen Janice's new toy boy?
by well read February 10, 2005
Useful Insult, particulary useful when a slur of any kind will get you into deep !%#% (like when you are talking to someone of another race/creed/religion/sex)
If the person takes offense and reports you they will "just look a bit mad".
Annoying useless whinger: "You have no taste, not even a dog would go out with you" OR "You wanker, arsehole, drug pushing pimp, skank"
You: "Shut-up you Purple Dishwasher Monkey"
Annoying useless whinger: "I hate you... (thinking) how dare you call me that... (thinking really hard, you have left by now)... what did they say?"
by well read March 25, 2005