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1 definition by weirddude62

A 3d autism simulator. The fan base consists of 7 - 11 year old ass burger infested boys, and is created by the fattass Swedish developer Markus Persson aka Notch. It has a subreddit and that subreddit is filled with 25+ year old overwight man child basemwnt dwellers who have no job and steal their parents' internet. You can build shitty houses, kill very poorly done mobs, and kill pigs for pork. You can also ride pigs, one of Notch's sick fantasies. There are servers where you can blow up houses and shit for the lulz. This game is better known as "Chris-Chan's Extreme Autism: Underground." There is the occasional person who plays Minecraft and isn't an autistic, but there is a percentage of at least 100 that you will never find one. See also: autism.
Josh's brother: What are you doing, Josh?
Josh: oh jsut plying sum minecraft lol
Josh's brother: Oh, which mental disorder do you have?
Josh: lol wut
by weirddude62 May 09, 2013
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