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Ones personal feet vehicles
Man # 1 Dude stop your bitchin and just take your shoe-barus I am not lending you my car.
by weebonilicious July 28, 2009
White American Asian
You are so not just white you are so a wamer-asian.
by weebonilicious July 28, 2009
Similar to a cho-mo however the perpetrator prefers his/her jail bait to be of the older presuasion primarily of pubescent age and above.
Man # 1 "Dang when did that guy stop shopping at the elementary school playground and kick it up to the junior high bus stop? Way to go he is no longer posing as a Cho-mo he is a Juv-mo
by weebonilicious July 28, 2009
Same as a gigalo only for the homosexual population.
Man # 1 Dude, do you see that guy all over that rich guys nuts?

Man # 2 Holy Shit!!!!...do you think...oh my god!! We just witnessed it...A Fag-a-low in action....aaww dude do you have sanitizer suddenly I feel so fucking dirty!!
by weebonilicious August 10, 2009
Same as Mulado just add Mexican.
I wanted that job real bad so I told them i was Mulad-ican.
by weebonilicious July 28, 2009
Black American Asian
Dude you are so a Blamer-asian there is more in your wood pile than just black.
by weebonilicious July 28, 2009

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