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Rule stating that any song that exists either has, or will soon have a dubstep remix.
Rule 135 would include Wu-tang clan, Beatles, and Super Mario Bros. remixes.
#rule #34 #135 #music #dubstep #remix
by webstergeon June 25, 2010
MLIAFMLCL translates literally to "My Life Is Average, Fuck My Life -- Clown Love."

It is a joke at the expense of Juggalo (ICP) culture, parodying their catch-phrase MMFWCL (Much Mother-Fucking Wicked Clown Love)

With a quick glance, most juggalos will interpret this phrase as any other normal declaration of clownlove (mmfwcl), allowing hilarity to ensue.
Person 1 -- "I love Insane Clown Posse. Their lyrics really speak to me as a rebellious teenager with access to side-mounted hatchets."
Person 2 -- "Fuck yea, fuck the bozos -- MLIAFMLCL."
#mmfwcl #mlia #fml #clownlove #icp #parody
by webstergeon August 19, 2010
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