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What makes bullet resistant glass look like paper.
lol that 50 cal ripped that guy apart
by weavile22 July 04, 2011
"to tread water" is an idiom, that means doing something/being active without making any progress.
That new call of duty game has no real engine or graphics improvements, all the devs did was tread water >.<
by weavile22 April 02, 2011
A sarcastic reply, used when you don't understand what the other person is saying (commonly technical).
Frenchie: C'est ville quos muos pume rouge j'aime marsh'mallo
Paul: I had one but the wheels fell off.


Person A: All you have to do is remove the hydraulic overhead slip ring so the cam will meet the side flange.
Person B: Yeah, I had one but the wheels fell off.
by Weavile22 December 27, 2010
The reason abortion should be supported.
If you have not heard Justin Bieber's atrociousness, be careful, people cannot unhear things.
by weavile22 February 23, 2011
An obese 40 year old man on youtube, who has his balls glued to the sofa, therefore the only thing he does is play first person shooters and talk about guns, thinking he is badass.
wingsofredemption is nothing but a self absorbed no lifer who charges people money to be his friend
by weavile22 May 13, 2011

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