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A Geographical area in Central and part of southern Asia where the countries end in stan such as Pakistan, Afghanistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan
wachu doin this spring break?

vacationing in the stans
by weathrguy August 26, 2011
another term for condom
put that down Tommy thats a hoselid
by weathrguy October 17, 2010
someone who takes sports like its the end of the world and lashes out at people or has thoughts of murdering them for the smallest mistakes people on their team make
what the hell were you doing out there you werent doing anything!" "dont be an athletic extremist man chill"
by weathrguy August 17, 2010
When someone goes outside of their color they do things or enjoy things that people of another ethnic group do or enjoy
guy 1: Hey white guy you like rap guy 2: i do but people tell me to stick to my ethnicity guy 2: c'mon man you gotta go outside your color once in a while
by weathrguy October 12, 2010
a red dot shown on a hindu's forehead that looks like the bright red ray that comes from a sniper
"whoo look out" "what?" "oh i thought that dot on ur head was a sniper dot"
by weathrguy April 27, 2010
a cloud that produces bad weather
Bob: that looks like a cumulonimbus cloud Chris get your ass in the house Chris: ok ur the cloud expert
by weathrguy April 27, 2010
when someone corrects you of what you just said when it comes to your own knowledge
Bob: hey did you know that popcorn was invented in Russia

Lawrence:actually it was america

Bob: oh

Lawrence: you just got doogie howserd
by weathrguy February 23, 2011
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