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An intranet or corporate website only available locally. The purpose of a fweb is to act as both a central location for shared documents by means of content mangement software, as well as a knowledge-base for the company's staff.
Example 1:
The fweb has a lot of useful documents on it.

Example 2:
I cant believe they made me rebuild the fweb. VineOnline is a far better name than lafweb. its called English stupid, learn it!

Example 2:
la fweb est tres ridicules
by weHaveNoWebMaster February 10, 2011
A technique of writing a Unix cron job to perform a task sometime in the future. The task is usually somewhat malicious in nature, but is usually repaired with the same script in order to create an intermittent problem. This is ususally performed by disgruntled IT workers with root access to a Unix or Linux system.
A cronbomb would look like the following logic:

Example 1:
Remove critical line from apache server
Restart Apache knowing it will fail
Wait 10 to 15 minutes

Put critical line back

Example 2:
change the contents of a homepage/information page to display whatever image or contents you choose.
Wait 10 to 15 minutes

Change contents back to original contents

The key is returning the contents back to the original in a timely manor as to lead people to believe the issue has been resolved.

Repeat at whatever interval suits your situation. by waiting longer, say 2 - 3 months it will likely get more cycles before it is properly caught and repaired.
by weHaveNoWebMaster March 28, 2011
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