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Is there seriously a definition to M.O.? Yeah, one word: messed-up. oh wait thats two, but i wouldnt know because i went to school in mo all my life. There's everything you want from a fcked up town. we got your good old druggies, sluts, skanks, whores, dipshits, potheads, btiches, jocks, skaters, posers,wanna-bees, and then... well everyone else wanting to be something they arent. class of 2012!! whoot whoot! you guys got the best rep out there!! yay!! you have pregnant people in 8th grade! yeah suck that!! OH WAIT!! all the girls have :) yeah we got more sluts then the play boy masion can handle. so they sent them to mount olive to fill up these already sucky schools and create more drama then our little mouths can say :) the bitches create the drama, and then complain about it. they say how much they hate it, but then feed the fire. really.. its all a call for attention. who can have the most piercings?!? READY GO!!! yeah, thats what we have sunken to. so everyone here says they hate it so much. and how much they wanna move. but really. anyone who has grown up here, can live anywhere. anyways. we have the basic... "ghetto" where our "gangsters" come from.. yeah half of them are white, but shhh dont tell them!! then we have upper class mount olive. houses bigger then needed, and just take up space. we have the ever so lovely turkey brook. with more soccer fields then any town needs. but hey, a great place to go and smoke pot!! drug dealers all around, and yeah, they get them from the ice cream man! yumm yumm! we have all those flanders kids who think they are the shit just because they can walk to dunkin donuts and piss off the cops. which is very scary by the way!! and then all the apartments by the jail house we call MOMS. yeah lovely places right there. about MOMS: WORST PLACE ALIVE!! pda... yeah that could get you detention. flipflops too. gum yeah that too. SAY WHAY?? i cant wear this shirt bc my shoulders are showing?!?! OH MY GOD!! yeah suck it!! haha they already do!! all in all... mount olive is one of kind. no other place can pull of a rich look like we do. seriously. you wouldnt understand unless you have lived here. and once you do, you just wont be the same again.
Mount Olive rox my sox
by we didnt start the fire August 11, 2008
the coolest place in mount olive besides dunkin donuts and "school". its got like 9 fields, that no one really cares about. 2 sets of bathrooms that are now closed because our cool ass kids couldnt stop ruining them, getting high in them, and makin more kids in them :) so now we have these lovely porter-pottys that are great to get high in too :) people go there to hangout, because well thats how cool mount olive is!! and then around 9, cops come out looking for all those high teens, but our cops are sooo smart, that they dont bother to get their lazy asses out of the car, and actually look for them all hidin on the fields. wow. sooo basically... if ya wanna have sex, get high, or pretend your cool, go to tb :)
sally: hey! wanna hangout??
johnny: your from mountolive right? so that means you'll blow me right??
sally: YEAH!!
johnny: at the turkey brook place right??
sally: yeahh!! you roxbury kids are so smart!!
by we didnt start the fire August 11, 2008

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