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An amazing, one of a kind girl. Often brunette and funny. Has a tendency to literally fuck things up when drunk but is actually very shy behind that beautiful facade. So guys, if you see her sober and you were ever one of the lucky ones, go seek her out. It's not that she regrets what happened, probably the opposite, it's just she's too shy to come and speak to you again. Get to know her and you will never regret it.
Guy 1: I think that's the girl who came back to mine last week!
Guy 2: Who? Sophie? She's pretty hot.

Guy 1: I think she's ignoring me now though...
Guy 3: Nah, Sophie's just shy. Go speak to her! You must be the guy she's been talking about non stop but couldn't pluck up the courage to ask out properly.
--Guy 1 rushes after Sophie--
by waystoprcrastinate October 15, 2010
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