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Over the last few years, have spread out from the outskirts of London and have infested every town and city in England.

Destroy the education of anyone who is unfortunate enough to share a class with them by constantly arguing with the teacher and talking really loudly about how they "got reet pissed t'weeken' like"

God forbid anyone who dares to glance in their general direction, for you are sure to be knifed by some distant relative's friend

The money they get from benefit's gets spent on the latest mobile phone, with the newest polyphonic ringtone and stupid little screensaver graphic. They happily spend hours chatting away on them slowly frying their tiny minds.

They also have absoloutely no chance of doing anything successful in life, except if they manage to buy a lucky scratchcard, or sue their local council because they tripped up on a broken paving slab down in the ghetto
"yeah mate"
"what ya' chatting about"
"im gonna cut ya"
"yeah, but no, but yeah but no but yeah but no but, shut up"
by wasteofwebspace.com January 10, 2004
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