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When your ass becomes extremely inflamed and it hurts really bad, in fact, it's almost killing you, but, you decide not to fix it for four more years because you kind of like that sort of thing.
Gump's mother told him, "stupid is as stupid votes" so wouldn't ya know, he voted Republican again. What a total bushorrhoid.
by wasamada-u April 05, 2006
When a bunch of chickens are all together in a chicken coop and one of them gets flustered and this chicken begins to cluck. This damned clucking makes all the other chickens get flustered and before you know it, all them stupid chickens are clucking.
When that Bush-wit got flustered about the WMD’s he started clucking, and before you know it, all them other Bush-wits got flustered and they all started clucking.
That’s how we got into this Fluster Cluck.
by wasamada-u March 23, 2006

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